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Coastal Engineering Company of Orleans Cape Cod

Harwich Sewer Connection

Published June 29, 2018 by John A. Bologna, David J. Michniewicz, John G. Schnaible, Sean M. Riley,

Act Now!

Are you interested in contracting Coastal Engineering to design your sewer connection? Please fill out our Harwich Sewer Proposal Request form.

Coastal Engineering Can Assist Property Owners

Town of Harwich is in the process of designing a municipal sewer system for East Harwich. According to the Town, the municipal sewer designs will be completed by January 2019, and construction of the sewers will begin in the spring of 2019, so if you prefer to be in control of where on your property your sewer connection will go in, it’s best to have your design ready prior to April 2019.

Coastal Engineering offers consulting and engineering design services to prepare a Sewer Connection Plan for property owners affected by this project, including:

  • Data accumulation/assessment
  • Optimization of sewer connection location
  • Engineering design and plan preparation


Optional assistance:

  • Permitting
  • Competitive bid administration
  • Construction contract administration 

Proactive Design Might Save Money on Construction

By preparing a plan before the municipal sewer is designed and constructed, the owners will have the ability to dictate where the connection stub is installed, and thus potentially save money on construction costs. Coastal Engineering will optimize the piping route and tie-in elevation to avoid unnecessary disruption to landscape and hardscape and will consider construction labor and material costs as well.

Neighbor Groups Benefit from Economy of Scale

There's an economy of scale that can be achieved if contracting Coastal Engineering as a neighbor group (5 or more homes in close proximity) as opposed to an individual. This includes engineering design discount and better opportunity for construction schedule coordination. If proceeding as a neighbor group, data accumulation services must be performed at the same time. Services will begin when the minimum of participants have signed up. Date and time will be provided for the initial field inspection. Homeowners must provide access accordingly.

Town of Harwich Sewer Phase 2 Timeline and Service Area

DesignOngoing – January 2019 *Engage engineers now!
Bidding ProcessJanuary 2019 – May 2019
Construction of Town SewersMay 2019 – May 2021
Homeowners Begin ConnectingJune 2021 – June 2022
Flow Begins to Chatham FacilityJune 2021

Why plan a sewer connection?

While design of the sewage collection system that will be installed in the street in front of private and commercial properties is the responsibility of the Town, design of the service connection from your house to the municipal sewer is the property owners' responsibility. Planning now for the future service connection, before the municipal sewers are designed and constructed, could help to minimize the amount of disruption to each property when it’s time to connect to the sewer, and that could save the owners significant money.

When the municipal sewers are constructed, each property will be provided with a service connection stub from the sewer main to a point just onto each property. Without prior planning, the service connection stubs could end up in locations that are not ideally situated. That could lead to unnecessary construction costs for repairs to driveways, retaining walls, hardscape/landscape areas, and other site improvements, as well as additional costs for materials such as piping and pumps.

What are the benefits of joining forces as a neighborhood?

There are distinct advantages to acting as a neighborhood on the construction side of things on a number of counts:

1) Economy of scale: leveraging a large group of sites gives the ability to obtain competitive bids for the work.

2) Better coordination: Greater voice as a group makes it easier to communicate with Town regarding the sewer main installation .

3) Favorable scheduling: Better chance of being able to choose when the construction work is done in the neighborhood.

4) Opportunity to share common resources and mutual interests.

5) Favorable terms for financing: Potentially a better chance to negotiate assistance to those that may need help in paying for the hook ups.