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Coastal Engineering Company of Orleans Cape Cod
Services Technical Banner

Technical Services

Technical services are provided in support of our engineering departments based on the project needs.

Services Technical Wetland Delineation

Wetland Delineation

Our Wetlands Specialists provide wetland delineation in accordance with Department of Environmental Protection standards, following the prescribed criteria. The result is a thorough report documenting the findings and summarizing the onsite observations for filing with the local Conservation Commission. More about the process is available in our blog post.

Services Technical Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation And Sampling

Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation and Sampling

Coastal Engineering provides the services for the installation of groundwater monitoring wells as part of a larger project to gain subsurface information regarding the character of sediments, groundwater elevation and water quality. A staff geologist coordinates with the drilling contractor; collects sediment samples for analysis; specifies the construction and installation of the well; collects groundwater samples for laboratory analysis of key parameters. A boring/well construction log is prepared to summarize the field operation tasks. Reports are prepared to describe the drilling operation, the hydrogeologic findings and test results.

Services Technical Aquifer Evaluation And Water Quality Assessments

Aquifer Evaluation and Water Quality Assessments

Groundwater aquifer characterization and testing is conducted for water supply and wastewater disposal projects. Using the information provided by the installation and testing of groundwater monitoring wells and special field test equipment like downhole transducers and submersible pumps, our hydrogeologists measure and determine aquifer characteristics such as porosity, permeability, hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, specific yield, groundwater flow direction and velocity. We also perform computer modeling for mounding potential as needed.

Services Technical Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical Services

Our geologists coordinate onsite drilling services to provide subsurface sediment information relating to the character and strength of the underlying material. Test borings and Standard Penetration Tests (SPT), in accordance with ASTM Standard, D1586, are in-situ tests designed to provide information on the geotechnical engineering properties of soil. The onsite geologist collects test data and evaluates soil samples for SPT log development. A written summary and review of the measures conducted and the results obtained are used to determine the presumptive bearing capacity of the subject material.

Services Technical Soil Evaluation

Soil Evaluation

subsurface wastewater disposal system design in accordance with the Massachusetts Environmental Code, Title 5. We coordinate and arrange with excavating contractors and town board of health officials for onsite soil testing. The Soil Evaluators describe and classify the soils based on color and texture and measure the rate of percolation as necessary for the design of a leaching system. The formal reports and soil logs are prepared and submitted to the town along with an application for a septic system.